September 20th, 2017
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The day after the typhoon was calm and blue and beautiful. And then we did a whole lot of stuff! )And collapsing is our plan now!
September 17th, 2017
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September 15th, 2017
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We are perfectly fine! But our plans have had to change... )

"Well, a typhoon is a quintessentially Japanese experience," I remarked to Geoff.
September 14th, 2017
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Geoff is blogging our trip at his own journal, if you're interested. He and I tend to report different things in different ways...
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I didn't realize that I would start choking up the moment we walked into the Peace Park, but on reflection I really should have expected that )

And now we're back in our ryokan, winding down and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we'll go do the temple walk in Onomichi, I hope!
September 12th, 2017
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arriving, and our first couple of days )

It's four o'clock and we're having a quick wash and rest before going out to see what we can of the Peace Park and then find some dinner! Contrary to the forecast I checked this morning, it isn't raining! though it's still hot and humid. Still, after some fiddling we figured out how to use our room's air conditioner, so we have respite, yay.
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They've lost power, of course, and there's property damage including a roof leak, but the house didn't flood (floodwaters reached the driveway but came no further) and the kids even slept through the worst of it. YAY.
September 11th, 2017
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This is a very long plane flight. Read more... )

And then we landed in Tokyo! Definitely no view of Fuji, though. )
September 10th, 2017
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and paranoically checking for updates on my brothers-in-law. They're on the east coast of Florida, so things are likely to be not quite as bad as predicted for them, but oh my god,the poor Gulf of Mexico. No news from them since a photo they sent last night of their master bath, all padded with cushions and mattresses and dogs. At that point, at least, the kids seemed to consider it all a great adventure...

As I watched the news coverage on one of the TV screens in an airport restaurant, I saw what has to be the most American headline ever: "Authorities caution Florida residents not to shoot at Irma, as bullets will not avert the hurricane."
September 9th, 2017
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The Voynich manuscript appears to have been deciphered!

And today is the birthday of Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov, an officer in a Soviet early-warning system who in 1983 averted what would probably have been "large-scale nuclear war".
Had Petrov reported incoming American missiles, his superiors might have launched an assault against the United States, precipitating a corresponding nuclear response from the United States. Petrov declared the system's indication a false alarm. Later, it was apparent that he was right: no missiles were approaching and the computer detection system was malfunctioning. . . . However, in a 2013 interview, Petrov said at the time he was never sure that the alarm was erroneous. He felt that his civilian training helped him make the right decision. His colleagues were all professional soldiers with purely military training and, following instructions, would have reported a missile strike if they had been on his shift.
Spasibo, Stanislav Yevgrafovich, and may your calm, non-military mindset be honored and taken as a model in our day.

Either I've done virtually everything I need to do to prepare for tomorrow morning's departure (except I'd like to bake a loaf of date-nut bread to have as travel food), or I've forgotten something catastrophic. Orthogonal to these possibilities, I'm terrified that the cat is going to pee on my luggage. Going upstairs to check on him now!
September 8th, 2017
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The country has been metaphorically simultaneously drowning and on fire for months, but now it's literal for both. My brothers-in-law and their triplets are hunkering down to shelter in place in Florida, all of them huddled into the windowless master bathroom, and all we can do from up here is cross our fingers. They should be all right so long as the roof doesn't blow off...

I spent a few days in the States last week visiting friends, which was lovely, and somehow we ended up watching three Disney movies, which is not how I would have expected our evenings to go! I liked Frozen but did not find "Let It Go" the soaring paean to empowerment that I've gathered from internet osmosis many people did; I very much enjoyed Lilo and Stitch, which I'd already gotten a pretty good sense of from vids; and I loved Moana and would happily watch it again.

I also spent an overnight with my mother, during which I was reassured -- if that's the word -- that she isn't beginning to show slight signs of cognitive decline, as some recent phone calls had made me wonder; she just doesn't necessarily listen to me. Okay then!

I came back north with my stepmother, who visited us for a few days, and while she was here also went on a daylong bike ride north of the city. She's in her seventies and probably in better shape than I am, which motivates me alternately to go back to the gym and to lie on the couch re-reading The Course of Honour. (Highly recommended! if, you know, you like slash with tight plotting and good world-building and delicious, delicious angst.)

And on Sunday morning, just as the hurricane will be hitting my brothers-in-law, Geoff and I are leaving for two weeks in Japan! We'll be visiting Hiroshima, Nara, and the Five Lakes district on the shoulder of Fuji, and as usual I'll try to blog the trip but will put it under cut so as not to clog reading pages.

My cat is doing well but is scarily thin. It's possible that he won't live until we return, which is really hard to think about, but we've done everything for him that we can do short of cancel the trip; we had no way of knowing he'd be this ill when we planned it, sigh. Our cat-sitter is a tech at our vet's, so we absolutely trust her to know what he needs and how to do it, but it's going to be hard to say goodbye to him Sunday morning.

At which moment our brothers-in-law and nephews may be enduring god knows what, too. My god, this year.



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