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I love snow

I love snow, because it results in snow days.

Everything closed at noon on Friday--my work, [ profile] dougmander's work, Fiona's daycare--so I got to leave earlier than early to pick her up. I had already had plans to have lunch with a friend/co-worker, so we just changed the locale to the Bertucci's near F's school, and had our lunch anyway, with the added benefits of F and D.

We gave our friend a ride home, and got to our own home just as the snow started in earnest. D made us hot chocolate (with whipped cream and vanilla sugar), and we settled in. F watched a movie, D dozed next to her on the bed, and I made a double batch of gingerbread dough. After the movie, F &D went out to play in the snow, and I stayed warm. Mmmm.

On Saturday, ballet class was cancelled, so D made us a delicious breakfast before attacking the snow in the driveway. F went out to "help" for a while, and then came in. I stayed warm. Mmmm.

Soon, though it was time to get gussied up for The Nutcracker. Yay! We met our friends, Astrid, Nils, and Melanie, and had lunch at Legal Seafood. They were super nice, and, noticing the fancy duds on our girls (the grown ups were much more sensibly dressed for the weather), gave us the private dining room to make it extra special (and to protect other guests from us, I suppose).

Then, we dashed through the snowy streets and plonked down in our seats with about five minutes to spare. Phew! We had awesome seats, in the center of the sixth row--close enough that the stage filled our view, but not so close that we couldn't take in the whole.

Fiona did great. She did get bored near the end, for the Arabian dance (the slowest of the entertainments) and for the Sugar Plum Fairy's and Cavalier's set of dances. But she behaved well enough that I didn't have to extract her from the theater.

However, the ballet seems to have sunk into Fiona's psyche. Her favorite character at the time was Dewdrop, but she has taken to the SPF in retrospect, wanting stories in which she gets to meet SPF in the Land of Sweets. Also, she likes to pretend to be Clara and use her martial arts to defeat the Mouse King without any help from the Nutcracker. Hurray for the mingling of ballet and martial arts!

After the ballet, we all went to Finale to meet some friends of N, M, & A, including Evie, who had played one of the party boys in the performance we had just seen. A real ballerina!

On Sunday, it was still snowing (it hadn't stopped since about 1:30 on Friday). Doug spent the day entertaining F, shoveling the driveway, and playing with F in the snow. I spent the day baking the gingerbread dough. I didn't count how many cookies we ended up with, maybe three dozen? Plus, three miniature gingerbread houses. We had just enough energy by the end of the day to assemble and decorate the houses, but the cookies are still naked. We'll decorate them on Christmas Eve.

And then today. D had a snow day, and F chose to stay home with him. They gave me a ride the Alewife, but when I went to update my Charlie Card, I realized that I'd left my wallet at home. D'oh! I called D for a rescue, and realized that, by the time he made it back to get me (the traffic was pretty heavy around there), took me back home for my wallet, and then back to Alewife again, half the day would be gone. So, instead I decided to use up my last sick day. Yay! I used the day to run around and do the food shopping for Christmas dinner that I'd planned to do tomorrow afternoon (assuming I could get out of work early, otherwise on Christmas Eve). I hit Russo's and Wilson Farms, and now have all we need for our feast, and am so happy to have that taken care of, making the next couple of days much less stressful.

I still have a few presents left to wrap, and have to pick up cat medicine and cold cuts for Boxing Day (when we get together with D's family), and, of course, decorate those cookies, but that's all quite manageable.

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sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I am hoping for a snowy Christmas here, but for the moment it is just really, really cold.

I still have several super secret Christmas projects to complete, all of my wrapping and a bit of baking to do. Ack! I have especially enjoyed making a felt board for our 4 year old niece. I decided to go with a woodland creatures theme, plus I threw in some penguins because they are my favorite. Then I had to make an iceberg and a polar bear.

I may have to acquire a fairytale book so that she knows what to do with all the woodland creatures...

Enjoy the rest of your snuggly, snowy week.